Why You're Not Getting Anything Done

Jan 24, 2019

Some days, you just ain't getting anything done. And you're thinking: what is going on? How come I can't focus? I have so much I wanna do, but I'm just, I'm not doing anything. I just wanna veg out and do nothing.

Avoidance isn't always a bad thing.

We have big things that we know we need to face, but it's hard to face it all at once. Our bodies just say: let's break this up into chunks. Your mind then creates an idea that we should just avoid the situation.

Many times in the personal development world this is looked at as a bad thing. We're not productive. We're not in the moment. We're not living our fullest potential and our passion.

TRUTH: We're human beings and sometimes as human beings we just gotta be human beings. It balances out that paradox of living on planet earth.

It can become a bad thing when you just avoid everything. Instead of saying I'm temporarily pausing with avoidance, you're just putting a stop sign and a barrier and a wall to everything. If use avoidance as a yield sign and pause, it's not a bad thing. It balances the reality of living on planet earth.

When you realize it's time to press that play button and get out of pause mode, how do you do that? Ask yourself: what is one task I wish to get done in the next 20 minutes? And maybe you need to even journal it and write that down: The one task I wish to get done in the next 20 minutes is... Let yourself think about it. Set a timer for a minute or two minutes and see what comes to mind.

Then, do that one thing in next 20 minutes. After that's done, ask yourself again. Take life into these little 20 minute chunks.

If you want to be surrounded by people who love breaking life up into chunks, or are still like you, maybe learning how to break life up into these little bitty, bite sized chunks, join me in my Facebook group called The Nourishing Nook. It's a free support group of woman who are like you, who really wanna change the pace of the way they do things and they wanna feel connected to what matters most to them. 


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