Why Nothing Seems To Make You Happy Anymore

Jan 10, 2019

What we thought matters most to us just isn't making us happy anymore.

We can get in this funk. We can try taking a walk, because that's helped in the past. Or, letting go and eating some ice cream and treating ourselves. That's helped in the past and made us more happy. Or, go out with coffee and chat with our friends. That's helped us in the past, but none of it's working right now.

So why is that?

I have a feeling that deep within your heart, deep in that intuition, that inner-wise wisdom, there's a voice in that's trying to tell you that it's time for something new: I have this new idea, it wants to share with you is what it's saying. Listen to me, listen to me.

We don't always listen because the noisiness in our mind can be louder than that whisper in our heart, our true desires.

So how can you hear that whisper?

You can start by actually tensing up your shoulders, believe it or not, and then relax your shoulders. Put your hand on your heart, and if you're in a place that's safe to do so, close your eyes. And ask your heart, ask that deep inner wisdom, ask that power bigger than yourself that you're connected to through your heart: what is one thing I truly desire for this moment? And allow that idea to surface. What is that? What is it for this moment right now? Not what worked in the past, but what's gonna work for me right now. 

I'd love to hear what you decided to try. That one simple step that you decided to take, to listen to that voice, that inner wisdom. And you can let me know in the comments below, or you can join me in the Nourishing Nook Facebook group and surround yourself with other women who take that moment to listen and tune in to that intuition before they take action and try new things. 


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