What To Do When You're Angry And Don't Know Why

Jan 17, 2019

Some days can contain a lot of anger. Sometimes we have no idea why.

We try to blame it on our kids and rant and rave on why they're not picking up after themselves, but then we're still angry. That didn't solve anything. It didn't get rid of that emotion.

Maybe it's our husbands fault for not getting the right pasta sauce: I wrote it on the list, how come you didn't get it, and blah blah blah blah blah. We try to take it out on him. That doesn't work. You're still angry, and you don't know why.

Okay, so why?

You don't allow yourself a moment of anger. You may be asking yourself: well of course I do. I yell at this person, I yell at that person. I really release that anger.

You're throwing that anger out at other people, but are you really allowing that anger in a quiet space alone? Are you allowing yourself to be as you are?

Many times our emotions don't need justification. Maybe there's something even deeper below the surface that's bigger than socks on the floor, an empty milk container in the refrigerator.

So how do we figure out what might be going on? Well it requires you to sit quietly for, try just a minute. Allow yourself to be as you are with your anger.

Sometimes our feeling of anger is a bit of energy in our bodies that needs to know it doesn't need to be there anymore. And when you sit quietly with it for a minute, you're telling it: okay, there you are. It's saying back to you: oh okay so you're okay. And you can respond: Yeah, I'm okay, I don't need you anymore. Then your anger can respond: Okay, well bye.

If you want more suggestions on how to sit with emotions before becoming reactive, join me in my Facebook group, it's called The Nourishing Nook


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