How To Unwind After A Long Day

Jan 31, 2019

Days can be long and you just want to unwind. However, your mind could still be going and there could be ideas: I need to do this and I should do this. And what about that? Or you start worrying. Then it becomes this big, big, big cycle of you just wanting unwind.

I know for me this hard. Even if I had a long day, I could be laying in bed just about to try to just relax, and I think to myself: oh crap I forgot to do blah, blah, blah. I want to get up and do that task. Then I'm going to sleep later and feel exhausted the next day.

So, what can you do?

If it's in the middle of the day or towards the end of the day, but it's not quite bedtime and you really just want to unwind, but you feel like there's still more that needs to be done: set a timer for 10 minutes and rest or do something that brings you joy.

I like to sit out in my backyard in the sun. It just feels so good to just get some fresh air. It's amazing how 10 minutes can make you feel recharged. Getting away from the computer screen and mundane daily tasks to relax and unwind is so nice.

If it is at the end of a long day and you're just about ready to go to sleep, instead of getting up and doing that thing that just wakes you up, have a notepad or something and write it down.  And do it first thing in the morning.

Allow yourself to just unwind for the day. Say, enough's enough.

If you wanna be surrounded by people who are standing up to that challenge of creating a life that goes against all this doing, doing, doing, join me over in the Facebook group that I've created called The Nourishing Nook. You'll be surrounded by like-minded women who have this burning desire to just be. 


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