How To Respect Other People's Opinions

Dec 20, 2018

How do you come to respect other people's opinion, and why is respecting other people's opinions even important?

When we open ourselves to respecting other people's opinions, we bring back a sense of humanity to a situation. When we focus on our opinion vs. their opinion, we don't see the person behind that idea. We can't see what brought them to this point and what might be going on in their lives.

We may be in a situation where we need to work with this person, and need to come to a solution. When it's idea versus idea, we get into this concept of fighting a principle of standing behind our idea. Your idea becomes wrong and my idea becomes right.

Other people's opinions can trigger things and reactions within you. That is your responsibility. Your triggers are yours. As much as we like to blame other people: if they didn't do this, if this didn't happen, I wouldn't be feeling this way, I wouldn't have to be going through this. Well, sometimes, it's tough luck.

You are going through this, and what are you gonna do? Are you going to carry that around and continue to react when people say certain things or do certain things that go against something, an idea, a belief within you? Or, are you going to take time to heal?

I find that the first step to healing, the first step to be able to set aside opinions and look at the person behind the opinion is to say to yourself: Acceptance is not the same as agreement. Accepting that a person has an opinion that may be different than yours doesn't mean that you need to agree with that opinion. Yet, it allows you to see the human being behind that opinion.

Start with that. Then you're able to find a solution that works for you and does your best attempt to honoring the person with that opinion.

If you feel that you're the type of person that really just wants to find solutions, wants to find the humanity in people and bring that value of humanity back into situations, join me in my Facebook group called The Nourishing Nook, because we take time to nourish ourselves so we can be those people that aren't so triggered and that can find solutions. 


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