How To Get Stuff Done When You're Tired

Jan 03, 2019

Sometimes we want to get stuff done, but are exhausted and just don't have the energy. You may wish that you had the energy to focus on what really matters to you, but you just can't. 

Most of the time in these moments, your expectations are too high. They do not match the version of you in this moment, or what you're capable of doing in this moment. So it's your expectations that are dictating this moment, not realistic solutions and realistic actions.

If you are in a space right now that you can close your eyes, I invite you to do so. For 30 seconds, 90 seconds, and just feel that tiredness. Feel it. Don't resist it. Say: there you are, tiredness. And then ask yourself: okay, what's the most important thing for the next hour? Match your expectations of what you're capable of doing in this next hour.

Most likely, the stuff that's going on in your mind, such as: If I don't empty the dishwasher, make the kitchen spotless, feed the kids, put them to bed, do some work, like, the world will end if I don't do all of this. 

Chances are it's not.

And if you're really tired, and the dinner you make is cereal, then you did it. The kids are alive.

I know when I have moments like that, my kids think it's just awesome, and I get mom points for cereal days, or even ice cream for dinner or breakfast. So there you go, get the mom points! 

If you need some people to be surrounded by that remind you to be gentle on yourself, to remind you that you are not alone in this imperfect, messy thing called life, join me in the Nourishing Nook Facebook group, and be connected to women that feel the same way that you do. Because you're not alone. 


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