How To Effectively Make Excuses

Feb 14, 2019

Are you doing exactly what you want to be doing?

Are you making excuses on why it's not possible to do anything that your heart desires?

Those excuses can stop us in our tracks and derail us from what matters most to us. But, are they really that bad? Not always.

They are there, as a warning signal, saying that there's a part of you that just isn't ready yet.

It's what you do next, how you effectively make excuses, that can create the motivation to actually move forward, but in a way that isn't so forceful.  Forcefully pushing past excuses can cause a lot of tension, adds more stories to a situation that just don't need to be there, and can leave you feeling exhausted.

How can you effectively make excuses? You listen to them. Set a timer for two minutes and listen to your excuses. Give them a voice, speak it out loud in a voice recorder, write them down, see them, see what's going on. Why can't you move forward? Why are you making those excuses?

In seeing them, you can take things to another level and get deeper into what's causing you to not reach your goals.

This is an easier way to get to the heart of what's holding you back. Transformation does not need to be hard. We don't need to make it hard. We don't need to trudge through and conquer and get through a situation. "No excuses, man. I'm doing this. I'm pushing through." That's exhausting. That does not work for many of us. I know it doesn't work for me.

If you're sick and tired of that, "That's it. No excuses, man. I'm doing this," and you want to take a more softer approach, try this. Try just listening to your excuses for two minutes. There is most likely something more underneath stopping you, that has a voice, that wants you to listen, and you'll get to that by taking this first step.

If you want support as you take this deeper journey, I invite you to join me over in my Facebook group, called The Nourishing Nook, we're a group of women who desire a life that's guided by our heart, and not dictated by our to-do list, or the hustle, or the "Let's just do it, no excuses, man." We found a softer, gentler way, that's even more powerful. You're left with a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment and so much love, that you can actually have the energy to enjoy the next moment that comes in your day. 


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